The Statistics of violence against women in Iranian Kurdistan during the past year

No Image First name Last name Gender Location Type Date More info
1 Image placeholder Negar Ahmadi Female Kermanshah Honour killing 06-11-2021 She was kidnapped by a former universitymate who had refused her marriage request several times and was murdered after being raped.
2 Image placeholder Arezoo Al-Fati Goldaste Female Kermanshah Honour killing 04-11-2021
3 Image placeholder Asieh Akbari Female Songhor Honour killing 02-11-2021
4 Image placeholder Fatemeh Rasouli Female Urmia Honour killing 02-11-2021 She was the mother of five daughters and has been set on fire by her husband soon after the gender of her sixth child was diagnosed following the girl's senography
5 Image placeholder Golala Dehar Female Piranshahr Honour killing 24-10-2021 Two weeks ago, she was thrown out of a truck on an Ardabil road by her husband and suffered a neck fracture and brain death, she lost her life at Ardabil health center.
6 Image placeholder Leila Shakiba Female Sanandaj Honour killing 16-10-2021
7 Image placeholder Faezeh Malakinia Female Sanandaj Honour killing 03-10-2021 According to reports received the reason for this action by the father was that she got a boyfriend.
8 Image placeholder Jeiran Pouryghoub Female Piranshahr Honour killing 28-09-2021 murdered by her husband
9 Image placeholder Marzieh Haseli Female Ravansar Honour killing 24-09-2021 was killed by her husband
10 Image placeholder Mobina Souri Female Abdanan Honour killing 13-09-2021 killed with a headscarf by her brother,
11 Image placeholder soibah fekri Female Baneh Physical and sexual violence 10-09-2021 She was severely abused themand shot in the arm and severely tortured with intent to kill
12 Image placeholder Sara Pirzadi Female Harsin Honour killing 09-08-2021 she was killed by his cousins
13 Image placeholder Soada Espandar Female Sardasht Honour killing 29-07-2021 she was killed by a gun man
14 Image placeholder Homa Hajipour Female Sardasht Honour killing 26-07-2021 she was shot dead by her husband
15 Image placeholder Bayan Moradi Female Sanandaj Honour killing 25-07-2021 she was shot dead by her husband
16 Image placeholder Shadi Moradi Female Sanandaj Honour killing 25-07-2021 she was shot dead by her brother in law
17 Image placeholder Shakiba Bakhtiar Female Kermanshah Honour killing 05-07-2021 was stabbed to death by her father.
18 Image placeholder Homeira Bazgir Khorramabadi Female Darreh Shahr Honour killing 07-06-2021
19 Image placeholder Golala Sheikhi Female Saghez Honour killing 03-06-2021 she has been killed by her husband
20 Image placeholder Sabri Female Marivan Physical and sexual violence 10-05-2021
21 Image placeholder Azizah Haqi Female Urmia Honour killing 24-02-2021 Mother of 4 murdered by her husband for honour
22 Image placeholder Ashraf Nikoei Female Urmia Honour killing 03-02-2021 Mother-of-three murdered by cousin and nephew for honour
23 Image placeholder Sonia Dehqan Female Sardasht Honour killing 13-01-2021 Mother-of-one murdered by her brother and cousin for honou
24 Image placeholder Azadeh Mrwati Female Dehgolan Honour killing 15-12-2020 She was murdered by her husband
25 Image placeholder Wafa Abdulazadeh Female Sardasht Honour killing 08-12-2020 Mother-of-two murdered by brother and nephew for honour
26 Image placeholder S M Female Darreh Shahr Honour killing 08-12-2020 She was murdered by her brother
27 Image placeholder unknown unknown Female Dehloran Honour killing 08-12-2020 She was murdered by her brother.
28 Image placeholder sargol Habibi Female Sanandaj Honour killing 21-11-2020 The mother-of-two was stabbed to death by her brothers for honour
29 Image placeholder Golestan Sohrabian Female Sarpol Zahab Honour killing 11-11-2020 She was attacked and killed by her son-in-law
Publish date: 25-11-2021